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Arinco Gang

Arinco∞Gang (アリンコ∞ギャング) was an all girl Japanese indie punk-rock band.



1999-2001 - The Beginnings

In February 1999 Terakio, Rina, and Wadakei were in a car accident at midnight. They ran in shock and because of this, decided to form their own band. However, they were only a band in theory, as they had no instruments. They moved to Tokyo in April of the same year. It wasn't until January of 2000 that they bought instruments and learned how to play. The next month their drummer (unknown) left, and their second drummer was a boy. Soon after, Wadakei disappeared. Their boy drummer left in July. The only members left were Terakio and Rina, the two of whom "became drunk every day".

In August 2000 the two remaining members came across Wadakei once more in Shimokita at her job. They kidnapped her back into the band and celebrated at the tavern GOO in Shimokita. In September, Yuu was found in Shibuya and joined the band as a support drummer. She was invited to become an actual member of the band in October (and several times after) but refused until May 2001, when she was offered cake.

Arinco Gang finally began working on their first release in September. Their first demo tape was completed in December 2000, and the band's first concert was held in February 2001. Their first studio recording was for Honey Crunch Label for the compilation album Sid & Jaiba in April; this compilation was released in August 2001. In December 2001, Rina attended a live concert and broke her thumb in the mosh pit, limiting the band's concerts. They completed ten for the entire year.


Yuu was almost forced to leave the band in February 2002 but chose to stay. This "crisis" strengthened the bond of the four members, and the next month they recorded a second demo tape. They later appeared on TV Tokyo's "Ichioshi" in June. The band completed a total of eighteen live concerts for 2002.

Their first demo CD was released in January 2003, and the following month began their first "Kansai Petit Tour" in Osaka and Shige. They liked it so much that they had a second round of this tour in September. Other highlights of 2003 included Arinco Gang meeting Rancid on a bridge and becoming bilingual for a short moment. Forty-three live concerts were performed for the year.

Since 2004

Five years after their formation, Arinco Gang released their first single in February. Two months later, their first mini-album was also released. To help promote the mini-album, they performed at Shibuya Tower Records. They also began touring with Bleach03.





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