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As One (group)

As One promoting "Jamsiman Annyeong" (2017)

As One (에즈원) is a K-Pop female duo debuted in 1999 under Rock Records, in 2005 they moved to EMI Korea. As One features the voices of Crystal and Min, two singers with very similar voices that blend together seamlessly thus representing their group name. They were discovered by a former member of the Korean K-R&B group Solid, and then brought to Korea where they released their first single "Day By Day".

They were inactive since September 2008 (except for their participation in some compilations albums) until June 2010, when they released their 6th digital single "ASONE Season 1".

In June 2017, the group announced an indefinite hiatus.



As One promoting As One 2 Vol.II (2001)
As One (2005)
As One promoting "I Wanna be a Christmas" (2006)
As One promoting "Uriga Algo Inneun Sarangiyagi Daseos" (2007)


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