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Bang Bang (Dal Shabet)

Digital Cover
Physical Cover
Bang Bang
  1. ENTER Dal☆Shabet (Intro)
  2. Dagawa Bwa (feat. Nassun) (다가와봐; Come To Me)
  3. Mr. BangBang
  4. Girls Girls Girls (feat. Makustle)
  5. Disco Time
  6. Love Shake
  7. Niga Eobsi Nan... (니가 없이 난...; Without You, I...)
  8. Hit U (feat. Bigtone)
  9. Supa Dupa Diva
  10. Pink Rocket (핑크 로켓)
  11. Many Boys
  12. Bling Bling (블링블링)
  13. Mirror
  14. Mr. Bang Bang (Inst.)


Bang Bang is the first full-length album released by Dal★Shabet. The song "Mr. BangBang" was used as the lead track. The album was their first release to feature new member Woohee, and also the first one without former member Vicky.

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