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Best II

Album Cover
Nakamori Akina
Best Album
1988.12.24 (LP/CD/Tape)
1989.10.10 (GOLD CD)
1991.06.17 (CD)
2006.06.21 (CD)
Catalog Number
28L1-49 (LP)
28L4-49 (CD)
32L2-49 (Tape)
36L2-5105 (GOLD CD)
WPCL-427 (CD)
WPCL-10291 (CD)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Non-Fiction Ecstasy (ノンフィクション・エクスタシー)
  2. Tattoo (Nakamori Akina)
  3. Desire -Jounetsu- (情熱; Passion)
  4. Tango Noir
  5. Blonde
  6. I Missed "The Shock"
  7. Al-Mauj
  8. Fin
  9. Gypsy Queen (ジプシー・クイーン)
  10. Nanpasen (難破船; Shipwreck)


Best II is Nakamori Akina's 3rd best album and second one of the "BEST" series. The album reached #1 on Oricon charts and sold about 800,000 copies. As it sold 787,000 copies in 1989, it became the #4 album of the year.

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