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Prologue (Jomaku)

Album Cover
Nakamori Akina
Prologue (Jomaku) (序幕 (プロローグ))
1982.07.01 (LP/CT)
1983.04.23 (SD)
1983.07.23 (CD)
1985.08.10 (CD Reissue)
1991.08.17 (CD Reissue)
1996.04.25 (CD Reissue)
2006.06.21 (CD Reissue)
2012.08.22 (CD Reissue)
Catalog Number
L-12531 (LP)
LKF-8042 (CT)
35XL-5 (CD)
SDM-15001 (SD)
32XL-103 (CD Reissue)
WPCL-410 (CD Reissue)
WPC6-8182 (CD Reissue)
WPCL-10276 (CD Reissue)
WPCL-11134 (CD Reissue)
¥2,200 (Reissue CD)
  1. Anata no Portrait (あなたのポートレート)
  2. Bon Voyage
  3. Image no Kageri (イマージュの翳り)
  4. Jyouken Hansha (条件反射)
  5. T-shirt Sunset (Tシャツ・サンセット)
  6. Ginga Densetsu (銀河伝説)
  7. Slow Motion (スローモーション)
  8. A Kata Melanchory (A型メランコリー)
  9. Hitokakera no Emerald (ひとかけらのエメラルド)
  10. Downtown Story (ダウンタウンすと~り~)


Prologue (Jomaku) is Nakamori Akina's 1st album. The album reached #5 on the Oricon charts and sold 313,000 copies in 1982, becoming the #23 album of that year. Prologue (Jomaku) sold a total of about 450,000 copies.

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