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Bridge the World (album)

Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Bridge the World
Catalog Number
BVCL-679~80 (Limited Edition A)
BVCL-681~2 (Limited Edition B)
BVCL-683 (Regular Edition)
¥6,000 (Limited Edition A)
¥3,600 (Limited Edition B)
¥2,400 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Access to You
  2. Let's go Crazy!
  3. Cherry
  4. Bridge the World
  5. NA.NA.NA.Namida (NA.NA.NA.涙; Tears)
  6. Ame Nochi Eien (雨のち永遠; The Eternal Rain of the Earth)
  7. Flying Angel
  8. Koisuru Wonderland (恋するWonderland)
  9. Shalala Ring
  10. Hey, Love Japanese ver.
  11. Cherry English ver. (Limited Edition A Bonus Track)
    Koisuru Hi (恋する日; Love Day) (Minhyun solo) (Limited Edition B Bonus Track)
  12. Bridge the World English ver. (Limited Edition A Bonus Track)
  13. I'm Bad (Limited Edition A Bonus Track)
  14. Boku to Issho ni Ocha wo Nonde (僕と一緒にお茶を飲んで; Drinking Tea with Me) (Limited Edition A Bonus Track)
  15. Kouishou (FROMM feat. Minhyun) (後遺症; Aftermath) (Limited Edition A Bonus Track)
DVD Tracklist

Limited Edition A

    1. Yeoboseyo (ヨボセヨ; Hello)
    2. Darkness
    3. Kimi no Oneesan wo Shoukai Shite (君のお姉さんを紹介して; Introduce Me to Your Nuna)
    4. Good Bye Bye
    5. Don't wear revealing clothes
    6. I'm Bad
    7. NA.NA.NA.Namida (NA.NA.NA.涙)
    8. CLIMAX
    9. Not Over You
    10. Hey, Love Japanese ver.
    11. Boku to Issho ni Ocha wo Nonde (僕と一緒にお茶を飲んで)
    12. Kata wo Kashite (肩をかして; Lend a Shoulder)
    13. Himawari no Yakusoku (Minhyun solo) (Hata Motohiro Cover) (ひまわりの約束; Sunflower Promise)
    14. NU, Establish, Style, Tempo
    15. FACE
    16. Beautiful Ghost
    17. Big deal
    18. Shalala Ring
    19. Flying Angel
    20. Fine Girl
    21. Sandy Japanese ver.
    22. Sleep Talking
    23. Beautiful Solo
  2. I'm Bad Music Video
  3. Kouishou (FROMM feat. Minhyun) Music Video

Limited Edition B

  1. NU'EST New Project Special Holiday in Japan Athletic & BBQ


Bridge the World is the first Japanese album released by NU'EST. It was released in three versions: two limited CD+DVD editions (type-A & B) and a regular CD Only edition. All editions came with a 16-page booklet and one of five random member solo photo cards.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 4 11 15 15 23 16 7 18,798
13 - 26 - - 12 24 29 3,956
- - - - - - - x x
- - - - - - - x x
Year Month Rank Sales
2015 November x x

Total Reported Sales: 22,754*

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