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C'est Mon Na ~Best of Shoko Aida

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CD Cover
Aida Shoko
C'est・mon・・na〜Best of Shoko Aida
Catalog Number
  1. Hajimari wa Higashi no Sora (始まりは東の空; The Beginning is the East Sky)
  2. Jóia
  3. Mikazuki no Yoru no Kotori-tachi (三日月の夜の小鳥たち; The Night of the Crescent Moon's Songbirds)
  4. LOVE
  5. Aisareta Bara (Romeo ver.) (愛された薔薇; A Rose That Can Be Loved)
  6. Andy
  7. Hadashi no Marionette (裸足のマリオネット; The Barefooted Marionette)
  8. 0:00 a.m. ~ Gozen Zeroji (0:00 a.m. 〜午前0時)
  9. Shake Your Heart
  10. Umi ni Kagayaite (海に輝いて; Shine in the Sea)
  11. Tsumetai Tsuki no Yoru (冷たい月の夜; Evening of the Cold Moon)
  12. Yurikago wo Yuzurarete (ゆりかごを揺すられて)
  13. i Julia
  14. Hadaka de Nemurimashou (裸で眠りましょう; Let's Sleep Naked)
  15. Oshiete (おしえて; Tell Me)


"C'est・mon・・na〜Best of Shoko Aida" is the first best album released by Aida Shoko. The album contains songs from her solo career and from the time when she was in Wink. This album failed to chart on the Oricon charts.

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