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C-chou Kotoba ni Goyoujin

LP/12cm Cover
1988 8cm Cover
1998 8cm Cover
Southern All Stars
C-chou Kotoba ni Goyoujin (C調言葉に御用心; Beware of Breezy Words)
1988.06.25 (8cm CD Reissue)
1998.02.11 (8cm CD Reissue)
2005.06.25 (12cm CD Reissue)
Catalog Number
VDRS-1048 (1988 8cm CD Reissue)
VIDL-30105 (1998 8cm CD Reissue)
VICL-36005 (2005 12cm CD Reissue)
¥937 (1988 8cm CD Reissue)
¥800 (1998 8cm CD Reissue / 2005 12cm CD Reissue)
  1. C-chou Kotoba ni Goyoujin (C調言葉に御用心; Beware of Breezy Words)
  2. I AM A PANTY (Yes, I am)


"C-chou Kotoba ni Goyoujin" is the fifth single released by Southern All Stars. The title track was used as Nabisco Chip Star CM theme song. The single reached #2 on Oricon charts, charted for 23 weeks, and sold around 245,000 copies in 1980, becoming the #60 single of that year.

Song Information

Kuwata Keisuke
Kuwata Keisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: Southern All Stars
Strings / Wind Inst. Arrangement: Nitta Ichirou
Horn: Horn Spectrum
Tenor Sax: Shimizu Yasuaki
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Kanezaki Junichi, Nitta Ichirou
Trombone: Nitta Ichirou, Yoshida Toshiyuki
Strings: Joe Strings

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