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Cheoeum Cheoreom

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Single Cover
SG Wannabe, Zia
Digital Single
Cheoeum Cheoreom (처음처럼)
  1. SG Wannabe - Cheoeum Cheoreom (처음처럼; Like The First Time)
  2. Zia - Beoreut Cheoreom (feat. Mino) (버릇처럼; Like A Habit)
  3. Cheoeum Cheoreom (MR) (처음처럼)
  4. Beoreut Cheoreom (MR) (버릇처럼)


"Cheoeum Cheoreom" is the collaboration single between vocal group SG Wannabe and singer Zia. It was the third digital single from Cho Young Soo's All Star 2 album, which was released 15 days later including both songs (without the instrumentals).

Song Information

An Young Min
Cho Young Soo
Other Information
Arrangement: Cho Young Soo
Guitar: Hong Joon Ho
Recording: Kim Seok Min
Mixing: Han Jong Jin
Chorus: Cho Young Soo