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Cliff Road

Type-A CD+DVD Cover
Type-B CD Cover
Cliff Road (クリフロード)
Catalog Number
CRCP-40391 (Type-A CD+DVD)
CRCP-40392 (Type-B CD)
¥3,240 (Type-A CD+DVD)
¥2,700 (Type-B CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Sirius (シリウス)
  2. Doro-darake no LOVE SONG (泥だらけのLOVE SONG; Muddy Love Song) feat. LGYankees
  3. Cliff Road ~interlude~ (クリフロード)
  4. Ame no Chi Hana (雨のち花; Rain of the Chi Flower)
  5. Omokage (面影; Vestiges) feat. Noa
  6. Kiss and Cry ~Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari~ (もうひとつの物語; Another Story) feat. Tiara
  7. Eien no Serenade (永遠のセレナーデ; Eternal Serenade)
  8. Boku wa Akuseru-kun wa Handoru (僕はアクセル 君はハンドル; I Accelerator Handle You)
  9. Superhero (スーパーヒーロー)
  10. Paripi☆ (パリピ☆)
  11. Eikou no Runner (栄光のランナー; Glory of Runner) feat. Matsumoto Eiko
  12. Kiteki (汽笛; Whistle)
  13. MA・TA・NE
DVD Tracklist
  1. Sirius
  2. Superhero

Cliff Road' is the seventh studio album released by CLIFF EDGE.

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 70 876
x x x x x x x x x,xxx

Total Reported Sales: x,xxx

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