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CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
CLIFF EDGE & LGYankees & MAY'S & Noa
Split Album
Catalog Number
CRCP-40405 (CD+DVD)
CRCP-40406 (CD Only)
¥2,800 (CD+DVD)
¥2,500 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. P.S. Mirai no Futari e (P.S. 未来のふたりへ; Together to the Future) / CLIFF EDGE & LGYankees & MAY'S & Noa
  2. Kanashimi wa DIFFERENCE (悲しみは; Sadness) / MAY'S feat. CLIFF EDGE & LGYankees
  3. Suddenly Love Story / LGYankees feat. Noa
  4. Mirai e no Okurimo no (未来への贈りもの; Those Gifts for the Future) / MAY'S feat. Noa
  5. Doro-darake no LOVE SONG (泥だらけの; Muddy) / CLIFF EDGE feat. LGYankees
  6. FIRE / CLIFF EDGE & LGYankees & MAY'S & Noa (original: NAUGHTY BO-Z)
  7. Like A Star / Noa feat. MAY'S & LGYankees & JUN (CLIFF EDGE)
  8. Aitai Everynight Aenai Everytime (会いたい Everynight 会えない Everytime; I Want to Meet Every Night, Not Meet Everytime) / LGYankees feat. Noa & SHIN (CLIFF EDGE)
  9. Omokage (面影; Vestiges) / CLIFF EDGE feat. Noa
  10. Soba ni... (そばに…; Beside...) / CLIFF EDGE & LGYankees & MAY'S & Noa
DVD Tracklist
  1. P.S. Mirai no Futari e (Music Clip)

Quads is a split album released by CLIFF EDGE, LGYankees, MAY'S & Noa.

Oricon Chart Positions

CLIFF EDGE, LGYankees, MAY'S and Noa promoting the single
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 24 28 30 19 27 x 25 1,749
x x x x x x x x x,xxx

Total Reported Sales: 1,749*

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