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Album Cover
Fly to the Sky, Kim Jo Han
Contact - Kim Jo Han & Fly to the Sky Joint Live Concert (Live Album + VCD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Intro
  2. I Want You I Need You
  3. Oneulkkajiman (오늘까지만; Just Until Today)
  4. Geudae Ireumeul (그대 이름을; Your Name)
  5. Opening Ment
  6. Who Are You
  7. Love + Cheonsaengyeonbun (Love + 천생연분; Love + Match Made in Heaven)
  8. Kim Jo Han Ment
  9. Always Together + Day By Day
  10. Opening Ment
  11. Shy Love
  12. Maybe God Knows
  13. Yaksok (약속; Promise)
  14. What U Want
  15. I Bamui Kkeuteul Japgo (이 밤의 끝을 잡고; Holding the End of This Night)
  16. Ending Ment
  17. September
  18. Ijen Modu Itgo Sipeoyo (2001 Fany's R&B Version) (이젠 모두 잊고 싶어요; Want to Forget All That Now)
VCD Tracklist
  1. Ijen Modu Itgo Sipeoyo (Nogeum Seukechi) (이젠 모두 잊고 싶어요 (녹음 스케치); Want to Forget All That Now (Recording Sketch))
  2. Concert Prologue
  3. Kim Jo Han Interview
  4. Fany Interview
  5. Brian Interview
  6. Concert Epilogue


Contact is the joint live concert album with Fly to the Sky and Kim Jo Han. There is a VCD included with this album.

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