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Recollection (Fly to the Sky)

Album Cover
Fly to the Sky
Recollection (Cover Album)
  1. Haengbogeul Juneun Saram (행복을 주는 사람; A Person Who Gives Happiness) (Original: Sunflower)
  2. Chwijungjindam (feat. AND) (취중진담; Drunken Truth) (Original: Jeon Ram Hui)
  3. Majimak Sarang (마지막 사랑; Last Love) (Original: Park Ki Young)
  4. Hoesang (회상; Recollection) (Original: Turbo)
  5. Ibamui Kkeuteul Japgo (이밤의 끝을 잡고; Holding On To The End Of The Night) (Original: Solid)
  6. Dalpaengi (달팽이; Snail) (Original: Panic)
  7. Sesang Kkeuteseoui Sijak (Brian Solo) (세상끝에서의 시작; Start at the End of the World) (Original: Kim Min Jong)
  8. Sowon (Fany Solo) (소원; Wish) (Original: Ji Young Sun)
  9. Nae Nunmul Moa (내 눈물 모아; Collect My Tears) (Original: Seo Ji Won)
  10. Han Jangui Chueok (한장의 추억; A Page Of Memory) (Original: COOL)


Recollection is Fly to the Sky's only cover album under PFull Entertainment.

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