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Cycle Hit 1997-2005 Spitz Complete Single Collection

Album Cover
CYCLE HIT 1997-2005 Spitz Complete Single Collection
Catalog Number
UPCH-9232 (First Press)
UPCH-1482 (Regular Edition)
  1. Yume Janai (夢じゃない)
  2. Unmei no Hito (運命の人)
  3. Tsumetai Hoho (冷たい頬)
  4. Kaede (楓)
  5. Nagareboshi (流れ星)
  6. Hotaru (ホタル)
  7. Memories (メモリーズ)
  8. Haruka (遥か)
  9. Yume Oi Mushi (夢追い虫)
  10. Sawatte Kawatte (さわって・変わって)
  11. Hanemono (ハネモノ)
  12. Mizuiro no Machi (水色の街)
  13. Star Gazer (スターゲイザー)
  14. Masayume (正夢)
  15. Haru no Uta (春の歌)
"First Press Bonus CD" Tracklist
  1. Yume Oi Mushi (early version) (夢追い虫)


CYCLE HIT 1997-2005 Spitz Complete Single Collection is the third best album released by Spitz, released on the same date as their second best album CYCLE HIT 1991-1997 Spitz Complete Single Collection. First press edition comes housed in a digipack, including a bonus CD. The bonus CD includes an "early version" (indies period) of their 24th single "Yume Oi Mushi". The album compiles Spitz' singles A-sides (or first A-sides) from their 16th single to their 30th. The album reached #3 on Oricon weekly charts, and charted for 61 weeks, selling 561,683 copies.. As it sold 684,217 copies in 2006 it become the #19 album of the year.

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