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Discordanza Try My Remix ~Single Collections

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CD Art
DISCORdanza Try My Remix ~Single Collections
2002.07.01 (Reissue)
Catalog Number
ESCL-9025 (Reissue)
  1. LIAR'S SMILE (Breaking The Code I-Mix)
  2. HOT LIMIT (T8-Floor P-Mix)
  3. Burnin'X'mas (For South People I-Mix)
  4. WILD RUSH (Spice Cat U-Mix)
  5. IMITATION CRIME (Sweet Milk K-Mix)
  6. Dokusai -monopolize- (Smelled So Nice U-Mix) (独裁; Dictatorship)
  7. AQUALOVERS ~ DEEP into the night (Liquid Moon Night K-Mix)
  8. HEART OF SWORD ~Yoake Mae~ (Beat Run Beat U-Mix) (HEART OF SWORD ~夜明け前~; Before the Dawn)
  9. Joker (Lights Out I-Mix)
  10. Untouchable Girls (You're Damm Touchable K-Mix) (アンタッチャブルGirls)
  11. Aoi Hekireki (Deep Blue Kiss U-Mix) (蒼い霹靂; Blue Thunder)
  12. HIGH PRESSURE (Pic-Nic I-Mix)
  13. Hesoshukujo -Venus- (I-Gear Jet Mix) (臍淑女 -ヴィーナス-; Naked Lady -Venus-)
  14. WHITE BREATH (Stone Cold P-Mix)
  15. LEVEL 4 (Ground Zero I-Mix)


"DISCORdanza Try My Remix ~Single Collections" is a remix album released by T.M.Revolution. The album reached #4 on the Oricon charts and charted for 5 weeks, selling 240,930 copies, making it the #87 album of year.

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