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EAST END×YURI was a Japanese hip-hop group from 1994 to 1996 under the label Sony Records. The group sold over four million copies and became one of the first popular hip-hop groups in Japan.



EAST END×YURI was formed on Feburary 1994 after Ichii Yuki appeared many times as a guest performer at EAST END's concerts as both were good friends at the time. They released their first album, entitled denim-ed soul, four months later on the indies label Final Records. It wasn't too long for a major debut as the group released the re-cut single "DA.YO.NE" on Sony Records. The single was a slow seller at first. But, after being played in heavy rotation at several radio stations, sales for the single picked up and sold more then a million copies in 1995. The single's success help to spawn covers of the song in different regional dialects by various groups and had it's own tribute album entitled SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO DA.YO.NE.

The group released their next single, entitled "MAICCA", on Feburary 1995 with much success. EAST END×YURI also released the follow-up album, entitled denim-ed soul 2, in June. The group was nominated for the New Buzzword Award at the end of the year. They also made their first appearance on the television special Kouhaku Uta Gassen as the first hip-hop group.

However, the group disbanded after the release of the single "Nichiyou no Asa no Hayaoki" in 1996 as EAST END and YUKI went their separate ways.




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