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Fairies (group)

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Fairies promoting "Metropolis" (2019)
Fairies (フェアリーズ) was a Japanese pop idol group on the agency RISING PRODUCTION and on the label SONIC GROOVE under avex. They formed in 2011 with hopes of becoming big like Amuro Namie and SPEED who share the same agency as the group. Later that year, they made their musical debut with the single "More Kiss / Song for You".

On June 17, 2020, it was announced that the group would end their activities as members Inoue Rikako, Nomoto Sora and Hayashida Mahiro ended their contracts with RISING PRODUCTION, with Inoue also retiring from the show business. Ito Momoka and Shimomura Miki would remain in the agency as solo artists.


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Fairies promoting "More Kiss / Song for You" (2011)
Fairies promoting "Hikari no Hate ni" (2013)
Fairies promoting "Kiss Me Babe / Hirari" (2015)
Fairies promoting "Koi no Roadshow" (2017)



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