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For the People

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Album Cover
Big Mama
For The People
  1. Eonni (언니; Sister)
  2. Ibyeol, Geu Hu (이별, 그 후; Parting, Afterwards..)
  3. Never mind
  4. Chukbok (축복; Blessing)
  5. Sarang, Nalgaereul Dalda (사랑, 날개를 달다; Love's Wings)
  6. Modu Yongseohanda (Jisbalphin Kkochsongireul Wihae) (Shin Yeon Ah solo) (모두 용서한다 (짓밟힌 꽃송이를 위해); I Forgive Everyone (For the Sake of the Trampled Flower))
  7. Calling (Lee Ji Young solo)
  8. Gibun Joheun Nal (기분 좋은 날; Good Day)
  9. Badaro Gan Eoneu Nal (바다로 간 어느 날; The Day I Went to the Ocean)
  10. Yeon (Lee Young Hyun solo) (연(捐); Throw Away)
  11. Sarangeul Oechida (Park Min Hye solo) (사랑을 외치다; Crying Out for Love)
  12. Get out
  13. Thanks to…...


For The People is Big Mama's third album. The songs "Ibyeol, Geu Hu", "Never mind", "Yeon" and "Thanks to…..." were used as lead tracks. Each Big Mama member has a solo song featured on the album.

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