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Free Live Tour ~JASMINE World~

FREE LIVE TOUR ~JASMINE WORLD~ is the first concert tour by JASMINE. The tour only had dates in Zepps.

The shows of the tour, were held before the release of her debut album, GOLD. The setlist consisted of her singles released to date, b-sides and two new tracks "dear my friend" and "Why".

The concert held at the Zepp Tokyo, will be aired for the first time on the channel M-ON on August 14th. In other hand, the performance of "dear my friend" was released to music video channels to promote her debut album.


  2. This Is Not A Game
  3. Koi (恋; Love)
  4. L.I.P.S.
  5. I'm in luv wit u
  6. Jealous
  7. sad to say
  8. Why
  9. No More
  10. dear my friend
  11. Dreamin'
  1. sad to say

Tour Schedule

Date Time Place
2010.06.18 19:00 Zepp Sapporo
2010.06.22 Zepp Fukuoka
2010.06.24 Zepp Osaka
2010.06.28 Zepp Nagoya
2010.06.30 Zepp Tokyo

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