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G-Junior is a Thai talent group much like the Japanese Johnny's Entertainment in that there are several subgroups such as Golf & Mike. A major difference, however, is that G-Junior has several girls in its ranks. On August 22nd several of the G-Junior boys are releasing a compilation album called 10 Club.

10 Club Boys

  • Chin (Chinawut Indracusin)
  • Nut (Saran Ladawon)
  • Happy (Park Rattanatithinun)
  • Ice (Panupong Voravanichaya)
  • Ken (Kenichi Kasamatsu)
  • Madiow (Akakorn Supummarin)
  • Guy (Guy Ellis)
  • Jay (Chayawatchara Thepchatri)
  • Golf (Pichaya Nitipaisalkul)
  • Mike (Pirath Nitipaisalkul)

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