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GOLLBETTY (ゴルベティー) was a seven piece Japanese ska band that formed back in 2004. They debuted locally in the fall of 2005, and in 2006 made their national debut under the indie label RUN RUN RUN RECORDS.



GOLLBETTY was a Japanese ska band made of up one girl and six guys. They formed in 2004 in Nagoya. In October of 2005 they released their debut mini-album, "SOUL FRESH!". g-yun was soon recognized by fashion magazines such as CUTiE and Zipper. With the help of her appearances in the magazines, interest in the band soon picked up. It only took three months for the group to get a record deal with the indie label, RUN RUN RUN RECORDS.

On January 25th, 2006 the group re-released their debut mini-album, "SOUL FRESH!!" under their new record label. Just like its previous release, the mini-album failed to make an appearance on the Oricon.

Three months later brought the release of their debut single, "Shou Koi Yubi ~Koiyubi~". Thanks to g-yun's popularity increasing, the single became the group's first release to chart on the Oricon. It reached the #60 on the charts and stayed on the charts for three weeks. Only two months after the release of their debut single, GOLLBETTY released their first full length album, "GOLLING!!". Even though the album only had one single to support it, it managed to reach the 66th position on the Oricon and chart for four weeks. The band soon set out on a live tour to support the album.

On November 10th, 2006 GOLLBETTY released their second single, "Easy Going", five months after their first full length album. The single ranked a little lower than their first at the 62nd position and charted for only two weeks. Even though it ranked lower and stayed on the charts for a shorter time the single out sold "Shou Koi Yubi ~Koiyubi~".

January of 2007 brought the release of the bands third single, "Snow Fall". The single came with a DVD, and managed to chart within the top thirty. In 2008 the band signed with major label TOY'S FACTORY.

The band disbanded in May 2010 after finishing up their final tour and releasing their best-of album.


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