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Gekijou Shouroku

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Album Cover
Gekijou Shouroku (激情抄録; Abstract Violent Emotions)
Catalog Number
  1. Gekijou no Akai Ito (激情ノ赫イ絲; Shining Thread of Violent Emotions)
  2. Hameln (ハーメルン)
  3. Taiyou to Kuroi Ame (太陽と黒い雨; Black Rain and the Sun)
  4. Twilight Mix Juice Boogie (トワイライトミックスジュースブギ)
  5. Mugen no Hane wo (無限の羽を; Infinite Wings)
  6. Jiishiki Kajou, Amai Wana (自意識過剰、甘い罠; Excess Self-Consciousness, a Sweet Trap)
  7. Usotsuki Sayoku (嘘付小夜曲; A Liar Serenade)
  8. Machikado Memory 830 (街角メモリー830; Street Corner Memory 830)
  9. Toki no Tabibito (時の旅人; A Traveller's Time)
  10. Amaoto Densouro (雨音伝送路; The Sound of Rainfall Transmission)


Gekijou Shouroku is the debut album released by Doremidan. It is the first release to feature Shinji as a member of the band. Manga-ka Koutaou Ohkoshi illustrated both the cover artwork and the CD's picture disk. Both images were used in posters to promote this release. This is a limited release having only 10,000 copies. The album reached #5 on the indies Oricon chart, and #152 on the major chart where it charted for a week.

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