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Doremidan promoting "Kanshouteki Rockin' Slumber" (2011)
Left to Right, Top: Ryu, Reika. Bottom: Yuu, Makoto, KEN.

Doremidan (ドレミ團; Do-Re-Mi Troupe) was a five member Japanese rock band of the visual-kei variety with a strong jazz sound. They formed on January 1st, 2002 by Makoto, the vocalist and accordion player of the group. Formally signed to the indies label Mijinko Records, a subsidary of FACE MUSIC, Doremidan signed with the major label Universal Music Japan in August of 2009.[1] They released their major debut studio album don't let me down three months later on November 25th.

On November 25th, 2011 it was announced that after their 10th anniversary tour Juunen Onkai, Doremidan will disband.[2]


  • Makoto (マコト) - Vocals & Accordion
  • KEN - Guitar & Chorus
  • Ryu (龍) - Guitar
  • Yuu (ユウ) - Bass
  • Reika (零華) - Drums

Former Members

  • Shinji (シンジ) - Bass
  • Maya (まや) - Bass
  • Haruhi (はるひ) - Guitar & Chorus
  • Ko-zi - Bass
  • Syuren (しゅれん) - Support Guitar



Doremidan, "Shinshoku Doremi Techou" (2003)

Doremidan was formed on January 1st, 2002 in Osaka by vocalist and accordion player Makoto (ex-Brilliant Sugar~Genesys). The rest of the original member line-up was Haruhi (ex-Kahlua Rosette~Ove) on guitar and chorus, Ko-zi (ex-ZENITH~DESERT ICE) on bass, and Reika (ex-Madeth gray'll) on drums. The band's name comes from the 1969 song "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles. When the song's title is pronounced very fast with a Japanese accent, it will sound like 'doremidan'. Their name written out reflects solfège (Do Re Mi). The bands musical influences include: jazz, swing, rock and roll, and at times baroque and circus-like music which makes their sound unique.

Doremidan's first live was a month later, on February 2nd at Nishikujo BRAND NEW. After a live at Shinsaibashi FAN J on the 2nd, they played another live again at Nishikujo BRAND NEW on March 3rd. It was at this live that they started to sell their first and only demo tape "Chocolate Candy". The demo was also available to purchase through select stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

The band played a number of 14 lives spanning from March 17 to July 25th at different venues, one of them being their first Tokyo live at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE on April 16th. Their debut single "Kabocha no Basha wa Mach GO! GO!" was released on August 8th. The CD jacket casing differs in color according to where it was purchased, in stores or at venues. This release led into their first tour, titled Natsu no Tokyo→←Osaka Oufuku Tour "Kaitou Erute no Kabocha no Basha wa Chiki Chiki Race de Mach GO! GO!", starting on August 9th at Ikebukuro CYBER. It ended on October 20th at Takadanobaba AREA, hitting 12 stops. Sometime during or soon after the tour Doremidan acquired a support guitarist, Syuren (ex-ZXS~Lavender). On December 12th the band had their first one-man concert live, titled "Nishikujo Nanairo Gekijou", at Nishijuko BRAND NEW. During this live "Akai Kutsu" was distributed. This was also the last live for both guitarist Haruhi and bassist Ko-zi.

The year of 2003 started with new members, guitarists KEN (ex-TRESOR~Freesia), Ryu (ex-Mystic Moon~Le view), and bassist Maya (ex-Rihito.), joining on January 1st. Syuren also stopped being a support guitarist at this time. On February 22nd Doremidan opened their official website. February 27th was the date of the first live with the new member line-up at Nishikujo BRAND NEW. After four live, from March 12th to the 29th, they released their second single "Shinshoku Doremi Techou" on April 4th. It reached #12 on the indies Oricon chart, and #126 on the major chart where it charted for two weeks. This is also their first release with label backing, after have signing with indies label FACE MUSIC (a sub-label of Mijinko Records).

This single started their second tour, a CD release tour titled Shinshoku Doremi Boukendan. It started at Nishikujo BRAND NEW on April 10th and ended at the same venue on May 30th with Hanamuke. and GULLET. Before the release of their third single "Kyoushuu Elegy Triple Play", the band played a string of lives beginning on June 16th at Nagoya HEARTLAND and concluding on July 27th at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA', altogether hitting eight stops. The single itself was released on August 8th, and it reached reached #8 on the indies Oricon chart and #120 on the major chart where it charted for a week.

Ausgut 4th started off their summer tour Nostalgia at Kobe STAR CLUB. The tour lasted until October 19th with a secret live at Takadanobaba AREA, and had a total of 20 stops along the way. There were also two one-man concert tour finals: one on October 13th at OSAKA MUSE titled "Shinsaibashi Kyoushuu Gekijou" where "Kono Ame no Mukou ni..." was distributed, and the other on October 18th at Takadanobaba AREA titled "Takadanobaba Kyoushuu Gekijou" where "Hatsukoi Monogatari" was distributed. During this tour, on October 1st, the second pressing of "Kyoushuu Elegy Triple Play" was released.

Doremidan held the second leg of the Nostalgia tour, titled Nostalgia (Sai) in the spring. This started on October 26th at Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION and ended on November 27th at Osaka BANANA HALL, hitting eight stops. One of those lives was a two-man concert live with Jinkaku Radio (Novermber 23rd). December was just five lives, at different venues, spanning from the 10th to the 31st.


Doremidan, Kiwamono-tachi no Kajitsu (2004)

The new year started with their one-man concert live "Tokyo Himehajime" at Harajuku ASTRO HALL on January 11th. They then played three more lives in January, on the 17th, 18th, and 22nd. On the 21st the compilation album Kiwamono-tachi no Kajitsu was released, Doremidan contributed two songs for it. That release kicked off the national tour of the same name, which was used to promote the release of the album. It started on January 31st at Nagoya HEAT LAND and ended on Febrary 22nd at Fukuoka DRUM Be-1, altogether hitting eight stops.

Doremidan again contributed two songs to a compilation album, this time it was called CANNONBALL vol.1 and it was released on February 25th. On February 26th they, along with Iroha and Kra, banded together for a three-man concert live at Takadanobaba AREA. The next day the band took part in the "Like an Edison presents@-LIVE VOL.2" event at OSAKA MUSE. They then were a part of two separate tours, spanning February to March. The first one was the TOUR-2004 CANNONBALL vol.1 tour, and it was three dates: February 29th (Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'), March 5th (Osaka BIGCAT), March 6th (Nagoya E.L.L.). The second one was the stylish wave CIRCUT'04 ~Haru no Arashi~ tour, which was also three dates: March 22nd (Kumagai VOGUE), 24th (Sendai HOOK), and the 27th (OSAKA MUSE).

The band had a 2004 one-man concert tour titled Pocket ni Garakuta wo... in April. This was a three date tour: Shibuya O-WEST on April 10th, Nagoya HEART LAND on the 16th, and OSAKA MUSE on the 24th. At all dates "Pocket ni Garakuta wo..." was sold. The jacket cover determines where it was purchased, as each venue's cover was different.

Leading up to the release of their debut mini-album Doremidan played a string of four lives in May (2nd, 5th, 9th, 23rd), and a Like an Edison presents event at Nagoya E.L.L. on June 21st. The previously mentioned mini-album, Retsujou Lullaby, was released on June 23rd. It reached #177 on the major Oricon chart, where it charted for a week. The band had signed with major label CROWN RECORDS for distribution, but as they were still on FACE MUSIC as a label and for management they weren't a major band.

On the same date as the release of Retsujou Lullaby, Doremidan played a one-man concert live called "Retsujou Lullaby ~Osaka Hen~" at OSAKA MUSE. The second part of the live was the one-man concert titled "Retsujou Lullaby ~Tokyo Hen~". It was on June 26th and was at Shibuya O-WEST. A nation-wide summer tour, Retsujou Summer Nimarumarushi, was held to support the mini-album. It began on July 17th at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE and concluded on August 23rd at Kobe VARIT., hitting 10 stops.

In September the band only played three lives: on the 7th at Sapporo KRAPS HALL, the 9th at Niigata Z-1, and the 11th at Shibuya O-WEST. The 29th was the release date for their fourth single "Subarashiki kana Kata Soubo". This reached #4 on the indies Oricon chart, and #73 on the major chart where it charted for two weeks. Their next tour Yoiyami Kitan, which was a three date one-man concert tour, happened all in October. The first one was called "Naniwa Junpou" at OSAKA MUSE on the 2nd, the second was titled "Nagoya Junpou" at Nagoya HEART LAND on the 14th, and the last was called "Kinema Junpou" at Tokyo Kinema Club on the 29th. The last live on the tour was the last day of being a member for Maya, who decided to leave the band. Without a bassist Doremidan only played three lives until 2005. The first one was the only live in November, on the 27th at Umeda amHALL, while the other two were in December (18th and 31st).

Doremidan, Gekijou Shouroku (2005)

2005 began with the band's roadie, Shinji, joining Doremidan on January 1st. With a new line-up they proceeded to have three lives: two in January on the 11th and 22nd (at Takadanobaba AREA and OSAKA MUSE), and the other on March 18th at Osaka BIGCAT. On March 23rd they released their debut album Gekijou Shouroku. It reached #5 on the indies Oricon chart, and #152 on the major chart where it charted for a week. In order to support the album they held its eponymously titled national tour. This started on March 26th at Nagoya E.L.L. and ended on April 23rd at Harajuku ASTRO HALL, hitting 10 stops. The last three dates on the tour (April 16th, 20th, 23rd) were the tour's one-man finals titled "Esaka Rokushou Gekijou", "Fushimi Rokushou Gekijou", and "Harajuku Rokushou Gekijou" respectively. At all three of those dates "Rensou Game" was sold. The jacket cover determines where it was purchased, as each venue's cover was different.

May, June, and July were filled with normal lives, spanning from May 1st at SHIBUYA-AX to July 17th at Urawa NARCISS. Altogether playing 10 lives, one of them being a versus live with Fatima (May 17th). July ended with the release of their fifth single and first double A-side single "Higanbana / Down By Low" on the 27th and with a live at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA' on the 30th. This reached #4 on the indies Oricon chart, and #80 on the major chart where it charted for two weeks.

A one-man concert was held as a CD release event, it was on August 6th and was at Shibuya O-WEST. This naturally led into their summer tour Down By Road. It started on August 14th at Saitama Shiminkaikan Omiya Dai-Hall and ended on September 29th at Shibuya O-EAST. The second date, August 18th, was a two-man concert live with deadman. Like the Nostalgia tour before it, Down By Road had a spring tour leg titled Down By Road (Sai). The first two dates were one-man concerts, but the whole tour started on October 1st at Nishikujo BRAND NEW and ended on November 18th at Takadanoababa AREA, hitting 11 stops.

Before the next tour, on November 23rd, Doremidan released their sixth single "Ensei Romanesque". This was the band's first release to feature a DVD and a PV, as the DVD was the PV for the previously sold single "Rensou Game". It reached #3 on the indies Oricon chart, and #109 on the major chart where it charted for a week. The winter tour to finish off the year was titled the same as the single that came before it. This tour ran from November 27th with a one-man at OSAKA MUSE to a regular live on December 31st at Nishikujo BRAND NEW, altogether hitting seven stops.


Doremidan, Kaleidoscope (2006)

The start of the new year was met with the one-man concert "Tokyo Himehajime 2", which was the final to the previous years' Ensei Romanesque tour. It was held at Tokyo LIQUID ROOM ebisu on January 7th. It was also during this live that "Tokyo Tragedy" was distributed. February was all of three lives, the 15th (Shibuya O-EAST), 22th (Nagoya E.L.L.), and 24th (Osaka BANANA HALL). The beginning of March was only a live, which was at Shibuya O-WEST on the 9th.

With the release of their first live DVD "Tokyo Himehajime 2 -2006.1.7 LIVE at LIQUID ROOM ebisu-" on March 15th, Doremidan had also started their first consecutive release plan. In this case the plan was a release every month for five months. A tour for the DVD release, a nation-wide spring tour titled Aozora Generation, took up the rest of March and some of April. This began on March 17th at Sendai JUNK BOX and concluded on April 16th, hitting 10 stops. The last two (April 7th and 16th) being the tour finals but only fan club accessible. They were called "Dai Ikkai Dan'in no Tsudoi Haru ~Kansai Hen~" and "Dai Ikkai Dan'in no Tsudoi Haru ~Kanto Hen~" and were at HOLIDAY UMEDA and HOLIDAY SHINJUKU respectively.

The second part of the release plan was released on April 19th. It was their seventh single "Sangatsu". This reached #4 on the indies Oricon chart, and #82 on the major chart where it charted for two weeks. The third part in the plan, their eighth single "Tsuisou no Shinkirou", was released on May 17th. It reached #5 on the indies Oricon chart, and #68 on the major chart where it charted for a week. In June Doremidan also (besides releasing something) played three lives, one on the 11th, the other on the 19th, and the last on the 23rd. Their ninth single "The Faust", the fourth part in the plan, was released on June 14th. This reached #4 on the indies Oricon chart, and #76 on the major chart where it charted for a week.

The fifth and last part in the consecutive release plan was their second album Kaleidoscope, which was released on July 5th. A national tour to support the album was titled Gekkou Kaleidoscope and was played, taking up the rest of July and some of August. It began on July 7th at Niigata Z-1 and concluded with the final at Shibuya O-EAST on August 12th, hitting 10 stops. The rest of August and the months of September to November were filled with lives. A total of 15 lives were performed, from August 26th at Nanba HATCH to November 16th at Shibuya O-WEST.

Doremidan, "Wakaba no Kioku" (2007)

On November 15th their 10th single "Maboroshi Lamp" was released. It is their second release to feature a DVD+PV combo. This reached #2 on the indies Oricon chart, and #67 on the major chart where it charted for a week. The year end tour, called Mugen Youtou, was performed in November and December. This was a six date tour spanning November 25th at OSAKA MUSE to December 31st at Nishikujo BRAND NEW. Two of the dates were one-man concerts, while two different dates were fan club only lives.

2007 like the year before it, started with the final of the previous years' last tour. It was at Tokyo Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO, on January 7th, and was called "Tokyo Himehajime 3". It also also during this live that "Aozora Generation ver.07" was distributed. This was the end of the Mugen Youtou tour in late 2006. Before and after three events Doremidan played two lives, the first on January 8th at OSAKA MUSE and the last on February 27th at Shibuya O-WEST. Those three events were: the "Like an Edison Osaka Presents Shinshun! Shinsaibashi Visual Matsuri" event on January 20th at Shinsaibashi CLUB QUATTRO, the "E.L.L. & SPEED DISK PRESENTS ~ Shinrabanshow in MID SIDE 4days" event on February 8th at Nagoya E.L.L., and the "Zy. Soukan 5-shuunen Kinen stylish wave ILLUSION'07 vol.5" event on February 9th at Tokyo Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall.

On March 21st the bands 11th single "Wakaba no Kioku" was released. It reached #7 on the indies Oricon chart, and #92 on the major chart where it charted for a week. There was a one-man concert national spring tour to promote the single. It was titled the same as the preceeding single and it started on March 23rd at OSAKA MUSE and ended on April 21st at Harajuku ASTRO HALL, hitting 10 stops. In the tour on March 28th, the second pressing of their second album Kaleidoscope was released.

On May 4th Doremidan participated in the "ATOMIC CORE VOL.2" event at Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS. Later on in the month, on the 21st, they along with Ruvie took part in the "Ruvie presents Sanbu Shusai 'Kyousou to Chinmoku'" live at Shibuya O-WEST. May ended with the release of the live DVD "Tokyo Himehajime 3 -2007.1.7 LIVE at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO-" on the 30th.

Coming before the next release was four lives, the first two being a part of the h'evn no Omatsuri Ten made Tobou!! ~Tounaka TOUR~ tour, and the last two being regular lives. The h'evn tour took place on June 15th at OSAKA MUSE and on June 17th at Nagoya HEART LAND. The other two lives were at Takadanobaba AREA (June 18th) and Osaka BIGCAT (June 26th), with the last one being produced by Phantasmagoria.

July began with the release of their 12th single "Girl Hunt" on July 4th. It is their first release to be released in two different versions, and the third to feature a DVD and a PV. This reached #2 on the indies Oricon chart, and #48 on the major chart where it charted for a week. The summer national one-man concert tour, titled Girl Hunt Summertime Blues, took up most of July and all of August. It started on July 7th (at OSAKA MUSE) and ended on August 30th (at Tokyo LIQUID ROOM ebisu), totaling 12 stops altogether. After the tour Doremidan went on a temporary activity pause due to Makoto's family emergency, and said they would start up again next year.

Doremidan, Yuugure Line (2008)


Behind the scenes and during the activity pause Doremidan switched labels and management from FACE MUSIC to AKATSUKI label (a sub-label of J-ROCK) on January 1st. Their last release through the old label would be their first best of album Onkai Chronicle. It reached #13 on the indies Oricon chart, and #196 on the major chart where it charted for a week. Their first live together again since August 2007 was on March 9th at Tokyo LIQUID ROOM ebisu.

Don't Let Me Down, their small spring one-man concert tour, was played during all of April. This started on the 6th at Motoyawata Route14 and ended on the 26th at Yokohama Arena Sound Hall, hitting seven stops. The tour led into the release of their third album Yuugure Line. This is their first release to be on the new label. It reached #19 on the indies Oricon chart, and #186 on the major chart where it charted for a week. An album release one-man concert tour was played to for support and promotion. It was titled Kakueki Teisha, Yuugure Line and was only three dates: May 19th (OSAKA MUSE), 20th (Nagoya ellFITS ALL), and the 28th (Tokyo Daikanyama UNIT).

On June 16th and July 17th (at Takadanobaba AREA and Shibuya O-WEST respectively), Doremidan participated in two VINYL SYNDICATE presents events. The first one was called "PARTY'S on PARADE #001", while the other one was "RUNNING RIOT SHOW #004". In three consecutive days in July starting on the 23rd, the band took part in the Triple Circut II tour. They were at in order: Harajuku ASTRO HALL, HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3, and HEAVEN'S ROCK Kumagai VJ-1. July ended with the "Absolute Domain -Zettai Ryouiki- ~individual theater~" event on the 29th at Nagoya E.L.L..

August started with the "812. 'Manatsu no Hakkei'" live with heidi. on the 3rd at Kashiwa Zax. The next day along with many other bands, Doremidan took part in the "Shibuya ga Taihen" event at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE. These events came before the release of their 13th single "Seishun Roll Over". This reached #8 on the indies Oricon chart, and #130 on the major chart where it charted for a week. The single release gave way to their new summer tour, titled Shakunetsu Roll Over Beethoven. It began on August 10th at OSAKA MUSE and concluded on September 27th at Shibuya O-EAST, altogether hitting nine stops. The band had two lives in the tour but wasn't associated with it, they were on August 11th for the "stylish wave CIRCUIT MAX'08 FINAL" event (Akasaka BLITZ) and on August 30th for the "SHOCKWAVE in Osaka-jou Yaon" event (Osaka-jou Yagai Ongakudou).

October was only three events: the "Bands Shock REVOLUTION'08" event at Osaka-jou Yagai Ongakudou on the 5th, the "Absolute Domain -Zettai Ryouiki-" event at Nagoya E.L.L. on the 6th, and the "AKATSUKI no Sekai -Aka-" live at SHIBUYA-AX with Plastic Tree and Billy on the 25th. November was mostly the NEO THREE CODE tour in which the band took part in. This tour started on the 15th at HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 and ended on the 28th at Harajuku ASTRO HALL, hitting eight stops. The day after the tour final, the band then participated in the "MySpace Japan 2nd Anniversary in SHIBUYA with HMV SHIBUYA & ONLINE 10th Anniverasary" event at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall. December was met with two things: the release of their third live DVD "Tokyo Onkai Selection '08" on the 17th and the "X'mas Holic Party Kouhen" live on the 25th at Takadanobaba AREA.

2009 began with the annual "Tokyo Himehajime" live. This year it was called "AKATSUKI no Sekai ~Tokyo Himehajime 4~", it was on Janury 9th, and it was at LIQUID ROOM ebisu. Later in the month, on the 23rd, Doremidan participated in the "Cureless Addiction" Cure DVD & Cure USA Magazine release anniversary event at Shibuya O-EAST. And on March 6th the band also took part in SEX POT OSAKA's one year anniversary event "FUCKIN' BIRTHDAY PARTY!!" at OSAKA MUSE.

Doremidan, "Hello!! Brand New Day" (2009)

Their first tour of the new year was the spring tour [HELLO!! BRAND NEW DAY]. It started on March 27th at Shibuya BOXX and ended on April 24th at Harajuku ASRTO HALL, totaling eight stops. At all lives "Hello!! Brand New Day" was sold. The jacket cover determines where it was purchased as each venue's cover was different, including the online store jacket. May was only two events: the 5th was the date for the "Dai Nikai Shinjuku Tooku no Tsudoi" event at Shinjuku LOFT/PLUSONE, and the 16th was the "BENT BEAT SPECIAL'09" event at Zepp Tokyo.

June was also taken up by only two lives. The first one was with heidi. and called "~ONKAI~Sono Ichi", it was on the 4th and at Shibuya O-WEST. The second one was with Kneuklid Romance and titled "Phantom ~phantom of the 10th year~", it was on the 27th at Tokyo Kinema Club. July on the other hand was filled with seven lives and events, stretching from the 3rd at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE to the 31st at Osaka BIGCAT. Some of note are the second and third of the "ONKAI" events on the 7th and 20th. There were called "~ONKAI~Sono Ni" and "~ONKAI~Sono San" and were at Shinjuku LOFT and Omotesando FAB. Doremidan participated in both of SCUBBER DIVE's events this year. The first one was "SCUBBER DIVE ~Naniwa ga Taihen~" on July 31st at Osaka BIGCAT. The second one was "SCUBBER DIVE ~Shibuya ga Taihen~" on August 3rd at Shibuya O-EAST.

August was again only two events and lives: the first was an OSAKA RUIDO special anniversary event on the 10th, while the second one their one-man summer concert live "[DON'T LET ME DOWN]" on the 20th at Akasaka BLITZ. August was also when the band announced that they would become major, signing with Universal Music. They would still stay with AKATSUKI label and in turn J-ROCK for management. Before their special tour took place, the band took part in an event at Omotesando FAB on September 7th. For the rest of September, Doremidan held a tour called Tokyo Nanairo Onkai Matsuri '09. The tour spanned from September 19th at Shinjuku LOFT/PLUSONE to September 29th at Meguro Rockmaykan, hitting seven stops. What's unique for this tour is that every live is produced by someone, those people in order, are: the fan club, Doremidan itself, Makoto, KEN, Ryu, Shinji, and Reika.

The month of October had four events stretching from the 10th to 31st. Some of note are the "V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09" event on the 24th at Makuhari Messe Kokusaitenjijou 9~11, and the "VISUAL ROCK BATTLE 2009" event on the 27th at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijou. The first event was a massive two day festival with a lot of bands, the offical site with both Japanese and English information is here.

November was an important month for the band, as it was when Doremidan debuted as a major band. There was three events counting down to their debut. All of them were more installations of the "ONKAI" events. The first one was the Doremidan produced "~ONKAI~Sono Shi Bangai Hen" at ESAKA MUSE on the 19th, the second one was with THE CAPTAINS and titled "~ONKAI~Sono Go" (on the 21st at Nagoya ellFITS ALL), and the last one was with THE URAWAZA and called "~ONKAI~Sono Roku" (on the 24th at Shibuya O-WEST). On November 25th they released their third album, their major debut effort don't let me down. This is their first album to be released in two different versions and to have a DVD. In overall releases, however, it's the second to be released in different versions and the fourth to have a DVD. The first major debut tour used to promote and support the album was titled Time Machine ni Notte. It began on December 4th at HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 and concluded on December 26th at Omotesando FAB, altogether hitting 11 stops. This tour was also Shinji's last as a member of the band, as he decided to leave after a progressing medical condition.


Studio Albums

Other Albums

  • [2004.06.23] Retsujou Lullaby (劣情ららばい; Lullaby of Animal Passions) (Mini-Album)
  • [2008.03.05] Onkai Chronicle (音階くろにくる; Musical Scale Chronicle) (Best Album)


Other Singles




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