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Gekkan Magazine Z

Final Issue (January 2009)

Gekkan Magazine Z (月刊マガジンZ; Monthly Magazine Z) was a monthly Japanese seinen manga magazine, published by Kodansha. The magazine is well known for containing manga adaptions of different anime, flim, and televison series. The magazine started with the January 1999 issue. During the first couple years of its run, the magazine was quite successful.

In 2008, Kodansha announced that it would be ending the magazine, with the final issue being released January 2009. They later annouced that several series would be moving to other magazines: Ishinomori Shotaro and Muraeda Kenichi's Kamen Rider Spirits would be moving to Monthly Shonen Magazine, Kakinouchi Narumi's Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo moved to Afternoon magazine, and Ikku Masa's Sakura Taisen was moved to Magazine Great.


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