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Genki Rockets I -Heavenly Star-

Slipcase Cover
Album Cover
Genki Rockets
Genki Rockets I -Heavenly Star- (元気ロケッツ I -Heavenly Star-)
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Prologue -Earth Rise-
  2. Breeze
  3. Smile
  4. Star Line
  5. Heavenly Star
  6. Intermediate -Orbit Swimming-
  7. I will
  8. Star Surfer
  9. Never Ever
  10. Fly!
  11. Star Line (Japanese Ver.)
  12. Breeze: Summer Afternoon Mix
  13. Breeze: Star Breeze Mix
DVD Tracklist
  1. Heavenly Star (PV)
  2. Breeze (PV)
  3. Star Line (PV)
  4. Debut Live @ LIVE EARTH (2007.07.07)


"Genki Rockets I -Heavenly Star-" is the debut album released by Genki Rockets. This was released in a CD+DVD only format. The DVD includes three PVs, along with Genki Rockets' debut live at the LIVE EARTH concert at Makuhari Messe on July 7th, 2007. Limited first pressings comes with a slipcase. The album reached #15 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for 10 weeks.

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