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Gift from SG Wannabe

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Album Cover
SG Wannabe
Gift from SG Wannabe
  1. Saranghae (feat. Yurisangja Park Seung Hwa) (사랑해; I Love You)
  2. Jureureuk (주르륵; Trickling)
  3. Naesarang Ulbo (내사랑 울보; Crybaby My Love)
  4. Yongui Nunmul (용의 눈물; Dragon's Tears)
  5. Geu Sarami Bureoweo (feat. MJ) (그 사람이 부러워; Jealous of That Person)
  6. Naesarang Naegyeote (내사랑 내곁에; My Love Next to Me)
  7. ...Joketda (...좋겠다; ...I Hope)
  8. Sarangui Yuhyogiganeun Eobseo (사랑의 유효기간은 없어; There Is No Time Validity In Love)
  9. Geokkuro Ganeun Sarang (거꾸로 가는 사랑; Backward Love)
  10. Geopjaengi (겁쟁이; Coward)
  11. Geojitmalma (거짓말마; Liar)


Gift from SG Wannabe is SG Wannabe's sixth album. The song "Saranghae" was used as lead track.

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