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Give Love a Break

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1st Edition CD + DVD Cover
2nd Edition CD Cover
Joey Yung
Give Love a Break
2004.11.05 (2nd edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Personal Forecast
  2. 天氣報告
  3. 16 號愛人
  4. Sand Storm
  5. 紅牌出場
  6. Pls Leave A Msg
  7. 煙霞
  8. Rainyday on Black Friday
  9. S.O.S.
  10. My Secret Garden
  11. 蜃樓
  12. Pls Try again later
  13. 分身術
  14. Give Love A Break (Featuring FAMA)
  15. 男朋友與歌
  16. Coming Back
  17. 心病
  18. 身驕肉貴
DVD Tracklist
  1. 分身術 (Music Video)
  2. 蜃樓 (Music Video)
  3. 16 號愛人 (Music Video)
  4. 煙霞 (Music Video)
  5. 身驕肉貴 (Music Video)
  6. "Real Joey" (Making of Video)
  7. "Give Love A Break" (Making of Video)


Give Love a Break is the 8th album released by Joey Yung. 1st edition includes CD + DVD while the 2nd edition is CD only.