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In Motion

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1st Edition CD Cover
2nd Edition CD + DVD Cover
Joey Yung
In Motion
2008.10.03 (2nd edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. 跑步機上
  2. 與蝶同眠
  3. 夢非夢
  4. 二人浴
  5. 忘憂草
  6. 愛怪吻的你
  7. Scream!
  8. 28個我
DVD Tracklist
  1. 跑步機上 (Music Video)
  2. 與蝶同眠 (Music Video)
  3. 愛怪物的你 (Music Video)


In Motion is the 13th album released by Joey Yung. 1st edition copies of the album comes only on CD while the 2nd edition comes with CD + DVD.