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Hey Yah

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Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Hey Yah
Catalog Number
ESCL-4774~5 (Limited Edition A)
ESCL-4776~7 (Limited Edition B)
ESCL-4778 (Regular Edition)
¥3,700 (Limited Editions)
¥2,000 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Hey Yah
  2. Never Stop
  3. Let me know
  4. Attention
  5. Over & Over
  6. Hanasanakereba (離さなければ・・・; Have To Let Go...) (Limited Edition B Bonus Track)
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition A
  1. Hey Yah MUSIC VIDEO (Original ver.)
  2. Hey Yah MUSIC VIDEO (Dance ver.)
  3. Hey Yah Jacket shooting making movie
  4. Hey Yah MUSIC VIDEO making movie
  • Limited Edition B
  1. Over & Over Recording making movie
  2. Let me know Recording making movie
  3. Hanasanakereba Recording making movie


Hey Yah is the first Japanese mini-album released by GOT7. It was released in 3 editions: two limited CD+DVD editions (type A including 32-page photobook, type B including a bonus track and a 32-page photobook) and a regular CD only edition. All editions also include one (randomly chosen) trading card. The title track was released as digital single on October 31st, 2016; while "Let me know" was released on November 08th.

Oricon Chart Positions

GOT7 promoting the mini-album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2 3 3 12 2 4 3 38,075
21 - - 38 35 2 11 21 4,267
- - - - - - - 257 260
Year Month Rank Sales
2016 November 9 42,342

Total Reported Sales: 42,602*

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