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Hiizumi Masayuki

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Hiizumi Masayuki (樋泉昌之) is the current pianist of the jazz band PE'Z and formerly the pianist for the band Tokyo Jihen. In 2007, he pursued a solo project away from PE'Z, with the album 5+2=11 released under BMG Japan. He goes by many pseudonyms; in PE'Z he is known as "Hiizumi Masayuki" (ヒイズミマサユ機), as a composer he is known as "HZM", as a member of Tokyo Jihen he is known as "H Zetto M" (H是都M) and as a solo artist he is known as "H ZETT M".


  • Name: Hiizumi Masayuki (樋泉昌之)
  • Stage Names: Hiizumi Masayuki (ヒイズミマサユ機), HZM, H Zetto M (H是都M)
  • Birthplace: Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan
  • Birthday: 1978.02.12
  • Blood Type: O


Hiizumi Masayuki was born in Kobe on 1978. He started playing piano at the age of four. In 1999, he broke through in the Japanese music scene as Hiizuumi Masayuki, keyboardist of the instrumental jazz band PE'Z. The band would release their first indies mini-album in 2001 (followed by two more) and would debut under Toshiba EMI in 2002. In the meantime, he also had several live performances as a keyboardist for other artists.

Hiizumi first joined Tokyo Jihen as a backup member for Shiina Ringo in her Sugoroku Ecstasy tour in 2003 (able to be seen on Shiina's Electric Mole DVD). However, soon after it was announced that the people who played alongside Shiina would form Tokyo Jihen. The band's debut single, Gunjou Biyori (released September 2004) was composed by Hiizumi himself, and would reach #2 on Oricon charts. In late November, the band's debut album Kyouiku would be released. As well as composing Gunjou Biyori, Hiizumi composed the album only tracks Genjitsu ni Oite and Service. Furthermore, Hiizumi would appear on the band's two month tour Dynamite! (for which two DVDs were released for it). However, in July 2005 it was announced that he would leave the band, namedly to refocus on being part of PE'Z.

In early 2007 Hiizumi released a solo album, entitled 5+2=11 under BMG Japan. This was followed up with a second album in February 2008, PIANOHEAD (and a live DVD released on the same day).

Songs Composed for Tokyo Jihen

While Shiina Ringo composes most of the songs for Tokyo Jihen, members have composed several songs in their discography.

  1. Genjitsu ni Oite (現実に於て; For Reality)
  2. Gunjou Biyori (群青日和; Ultramarine Weather)
  3. Service (サービス)




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