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Hirama Mikio

Hirama Mikio is the former guitar player from Tokyo Jihen. He is currently pursuing a solo career.


  • Name: Hirama Mikio (昼海幹音)
  • Nickname: Micky
  • Birthday: May 5th, 1976
  • Birth Place: Hokkaido, Japan


Hirama was interested in music since he was a child, and soon, after he turned 15, he got involved in bands. In the beginning he intended to pursue a solo career, so he moved to Tokyo. Then he started releasing his solo songs on an independent label. He entered the indies chart CRJ often. At the same time he began participating as a guitarist at many studio sessions, and later became a professional support memberist. In 2003, he played guitar with Shiina Ringo on her Sugoroku Ecstasy tour. Later that year, he joined Shiina Ringo's new band, Tokyo Jihen. In July 2005, Hirama left Tokyo Jihen to focus on his solo activities (though it was rumoured because of a soured relationship between Shiina Ringo and himself).

In 2001, he recorded and produced his own album, Yume to Negoto. This was re-released in 2004 and handed out at Tokyo Jihen's Dynamite! tour. Later, this album was re-released yet again in 2006.

Songs Composed for Tokyo Jihen

While Shiina Ringo composes most of the songs for Tokyo Jihen, members have composed several songs in their discography.

  • Kao (顔; Faces)




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