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IV (ViViD)

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IV (2012)

IV (イヴ) is a Japanese bassist.



IV's first well known band was Kisnate, formed in October 2007. Kisnate was around until February 2009, but IV left the band already in July 2008. The band released at least three singles during the time IV was their member.

After Kisnate, IV was a support member for Iceman, Ordermade's vocalist Haru's project, and he occasionally had lives with his and Ko-ki's session band IV miya Ko-ki no Yuuutsu as well. And then, of course, he formed the time-limited unit ZiL with Ko-ki, and after the five lives they had, ViViD was formed.

IV has also been a roadie for 176BIZ, probably around the time when Tara was still in the band.


  • Hobby: Reading, Movies, Composing music
  • Favorite Music: Anime music