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J. Tune Camp

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J. Tune Camp is a subsidiary of J. Tune Entertainment, following the merger of J. Tune Entertainment with JYP Entertainment.

The agency J. Tune Camp, spoke with News on January 3, 2010 and revealed, "J. Tune Camp and J. Tune Entertainment are independent legal entities. We would like to announce that the merger between the two companies J. Tune Entertainment and JYP Entertainment has nothing to do with us." The company also clarified the relationship between Rain and MBLAQ saying: "Rain is just a producer involved in the album production, he and MBLAQ are a relationship of teacher and student," and makes clear that MBLAQ is a group of J. Tune Entertainment. Regarding fusion between J. Tune and JYP, representatives concluded, do not have any legal relationship with MBLAQ, and will not be seen as a part of the label of JYP.



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