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Janne Da Arc

Janne Da Arc

Janne Da Arc (ジャンヌダルク) spent ten years as an indie band before signing with the avex trax sub-label cutting edge in 1999, becoming the first visual-kei group to be adopted by the company. Charachterized by fast-paced, upbeat rock and the added element of a keyboard player, Janne Da Arc has become a major player in the Japanese rock industry.



Osaka 1989, At the age of 14, yasu and ka-yu, who went to school together, decided to form a band. The two recruited kiyo and Chiba. The formation is yasu on vocals, ka-yu on bass, Chiba on drums and kiyo on keyboard. For unknown reasons, ka-yu then leaves the band and is replaced by Ino. In 1990, the band is given the name Okyan Teiisu.

In 1991, youjoins the group as the new guitarist. The name Janne Da Arc is now adopted, inspired by a character from the manga Violence Jack, created by Nagai Go. Chiba leaves the group for several months in 1992, and shuji becomes the backup drummer for the band until Chiba returns. In that same year, ka-yu returns, and the group begins their time as an independent band in the Japanese rock scene, recording their first demo tape in November. Two more demo tapes follow in 1993 and 1994. In 1995, Chiba leaves the band for good and shuji becomes the permanent drummer.

In 1997, their first mini-album "Resist" is recorded. 1998 brings "Dearly", their second mini album and a re-recorded version of "Resist" with new songs. Their third mini-album "CHAOS MODE" is released in 1999. This year marks a turning point in the history of Janne Da Arc. The band is finally signed to a major label, avex trax, and their debut single as a major group, "RED ZONE" is released. The band embarks upon their first tour as a major group, called CHAOS ZONE. 2000 brings their first major album, D.N.A..

Since 2000, Janne Da Arc has released six new albums, along with two singles collections, and several hit singles such as "EDEN ~Kimi ga Inai~" and "Gekkouka". Their single "Furimukeba... / Destination" debuted at #2 on the Oricon weekly charts, selling over 77,000 copies. Their last studio album JOKER was released in June 2005.




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