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Kayama Saki

Kayama Saki promoting "Zuru Shinaide Chanto Aishiteyo" (2012)

Kayama Saki (果山サキ) is a Japanese R&B singer managed by G.P.R. agency and signed to Nippon Crown Records. Her big break came in 2010 when she was featured on SoulJa's single "Umaku Kotoba ni Dekinai Keredo". On November 9th, 2011, she released her first mini-album Tasty.



Kayama Saki promoting Tasty (2011)



Digital Singles

Compilations / Others

[2010.04.14] SoulJa - Umaku Kotoba ni Dekinai Keredo feat. Kayama Saki (うまく言葉にできないけれど; I Can't Say It Well, But...) [2010.06.16] SoulJa - Letters (#4 Umaku Kotoba ni Dekinai Keredo feat. Kayama Saki)

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