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Killer Street (album)

Album Cover
Southern All Stars
Killer Street (キラーストリート)
2005.10.05 (CD)
2005.11.12 (Record)
2008.12.03 (2CD Reissue)
Catalog Number
VICL-62000 (2CD+DVD)
VICL-62001~2 (2CD)
VIJL-60200~2 (Record)
VICL-63315/6 (2CD Reissue)
¥4,500 (2CD+DVD)
¥4,200 (2CD)
¥5,800 (Record)
¥3,200 (2CD Reissue)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Karappo no Blues (からっぽのブルース)
  2. Seychelles ~Umi no Seija~ (セイシェル ~海の聖者~)
  3. Aja (彩 ~Aja~)
  4. JUMP
  5. Yume to Mahou no Kuni (夢と魔法の国)
  6. Kami no Shima Haruka Kuni (神の島遥か国)
  7. Namida no Umi de Dakaretai ~SEA OF LOVE~ (涙の海で抱かれたい)
  8. Yama wa Arishi Hi no Mama (山はありし日のまま)
  9. Rock'n Roll Superman (ロックンロール・スーパーマン)
  10. BOHBO No.5
  11. Koroshi no Kiss ~Kiss Me Good-Bye~ (殺しの接吻(キッス))
  13. Killer Street (キラーストリート)
  14. Yume ni Kieta Julia (夢に消えたジュリア)
  15. Kagirinaki Towa no Ai (限りなき永遠(とわ)の愛)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Gomen yo Boku ga Baka Datta (ごめんよ僕が馬鹿だった)
  2. Hachigatsu no Serenade (八月の詩(セレナード))
  3. DOLL
  4. Wakare (別離(わかれ))
  5. Ai to Yokubou no Hibi (愛と欲望の日々)
  6. Mr. Black Jack ~Hadaka no Ousama~ (Mr.ブラック・ジャック ~裸の王様~)
  7. Kimi Koso Star da (君こそスターだ)
  8. Ribon no Kishi (リボンの騎士)
  9. Ai to Shi no Rondo (愛と死の輪舞(ロンド))
  10. Koibito wa Minami Kaze (恋人は南風)
  11. Koisuru Les Paul (恋するレスポール)
  12. Ameagari ni Mou Ichido Kiss wo Shite (雨上がりにもう一度キスをして)
  13. The Track for the Japanese Typical Foods called "Karaage" & "Soba" ~ Killer Street (Reprise) (キラーストリート)
  15. Hikishio ~Ebb Tide~ (ひき潮)
DVD Tracklist


Killer Street is the 14th album released by Southern All Stars. It was released in three editions, a limited 2CD+DVD edition including a special booklet including notes by Kuwata Keisuke for each song, a regular 2CD edition and a numbered 3LP Collectors Edition including two posters and the 2CD+DVD special booklet including a bonus interview housed as a LP size book. The DVD features 40 minutes of interviews and the album's recording footage. It was the band' last album before going on an indefinite hiatus from 2009 onwards. The 2008 reissue was released as a limited edition housed in a digipack. The album reached #1 on Oricon charts, charted for 48 weeks, and sold around 1,025,000 copies in 2005 becoming the #10 album of the year. The 2008 reissue reached #122 on Oricon charts, and charted for one week.

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