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Kimi e... With Mayu Fuyu Selection

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Album Cover
Iizuka Mayumi
Kimi e... with MAYU☆Fuyu SELECTION (君へ。。。 with MAYU☆冬 SELECTION)
Catalog Number
Kimi e... Tracklist
  1. Hanareteite mo (離れていても)
  2. forever
  3. Kimi e... (君へ。。。; To You...)
  4. LOL
  5. Fuyu ga Kite (ふゆがきて; Come Winter)
  6. Christmas song for you
  7. Tobase!! (飛ばせ!!; Fly!!)
  8. Wasurenagusa (ワスレナグサ; Forget-Me-Nots)
  9. Bokura no Yume (僕らの夢; Our Dream)
  10. LOVE
  1. Accelerator (アクセル)
  2. Valentine Daisaku Ikusa (バレンタイン大作戦; Valentine Epic War)
  3. Strawberry Candle (ストロベリー・キャンドル)
  4. 23degrees。
  5. caress
  6. Twinkle Wink
  7. Yasashii Yakusoku ~TO MY FRIEND~ (優しい約束 ~TO MY FRIEND~)
  8. Yubikiri (ゆびきり; Pinky Promise)
  9. X'mas time Hold me tight
  10. Kikasete yo Kimi no Koe (聴かせてよ君の声)
  11. Hatsukoi (はつこい; First Love)
  12. Oyasumi (おやすみ)
  13. Kaze no Kiss (風のKiss; The Wind's Kiss)
  14. Chiisa na Watashi Kara (小さな私から; From a Small Me)
  15. Maple no Sora (メープルの空; Maple Sky)


Kimi e... is Iizuka Mayumi's 14th studio album while MAYU☆Fuyu SELECTION is Iizuka Mayumi's fourth best album. The album reached #211 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week.

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