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Kimi ni 100 Percent

Anime Version Digital Single Cover
Full Version Digital Single Cover
Digital Single
Kimi ni 100 Percent (Anime Version) (キミに100パーセント (アニメヴァージョン)) (Anime Version)
Kimi ni 100 Percent (キミに100パーセント; 100% For You) (Full Version)
2012.12.07 (Anime Version)
2013.01.25 (Full Version)
¥200 (Anime Version)
¥250 (Full Version)
"Anime Version" Tracklist
  1. Kimi ni 100 Percent (Anime Version) (キミに100パーセント (アニメヴァージョン))
"Full Version" Tracklist
  1. Kimi ni 100 Percent (キミに100パーセント)


"Kimi ni 100 Percent (Anime Version)" and "Kimi ni 100 Percent" is the 6th and 7th major digital single (8th and 9th overall) released by Kyarypamyupamyu. The song was used as the 15th opening theme for the anime Crayon Shin-Chan. Both song were included on "Kimi ni 100 Percent / Furisodation" single as 1st and 4th track.

Song Information

Nakata Yasutaka
Nakata Yasutaka
Other Information
Arrangement: Nakata Yasutaka

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