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Kira Kira Pop!!

Album Cover
Sweet Vacation
Kira Kira Pop!!
  1. Looking For The Future
  2. Sexy Girl (Thai Ver.)
  3. Speed of Sound (Coldplay cover)
  4. Bitter or Sweet
  5. Girls & Boys (Blur cover)
  6. Asobi ni Ikyou yo ~2nd edition~ (遊びに行こうよ; Let's Play)
  7. We love the EARTH (TMN cover)
  8. World Is So Grooving
  9. The Goonies 'r' Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper cover)
  10. Summer Day (Thai Ver.)
  11. Material Girl (Madonna cover)
  12. I feel so good (Thai Ver.)
    Bonus Tracks
  13. Sexy Girl (Japanese Ver.)
  14. I feel so good (Toy Piano Mix)


Kira Kira Pop!! is the first overseas album released by Sweet Vacation. It was only released in Thailand, where May is from, and includes three songs sung in Thai.