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Kisai Gakudan Monogatari "Zekusu no Shou"

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Type A Cover
Type B Cover
Kisai Gakudan Monogatari "Zekusu no Shou" (奇才楽団物語「ゼクス之章」; Genius Orchestra Stories "Zekusu's Chapter")
Catalog Number
RONA-0201A (Type A)
RONA-0201B (Type B)
¥2,415 (Both Types)
  1. Zeku-tan no☆Osoujishimaseu (ゼクたんの☆お掃除しませう; Let's Do Zeku's Cleaning)
  2. Story #1 "Time Slip" (第1話「タイムスリップ」)
  3. Story #2 "Zekusu no Kunou" (第2話「ゼクスの苦悩」; "Zekusu's Suffering")
  4. Story #3 "Moshi, Umare Kawatte mo" (第3話「もし、生まれ変わっても」; "If, You Were Born Again")
  5. Story #4 "Kuroneko Ena" (第4話「黒猫エナ」; "Black Cat Ena")
Type A Track
  1. NiN+IE
Type B Track
  1. Auxo


Kisai Gakudan Monogatari "Zekusu no Shou" is the debut drama mini-album released by Virgil. For the release the members adopted an "Idol Style" costume theme. It was advertised and marketed as Genius Orchestra's First of Disc (奇才楽団ディスク第1弾), which means future dramas about the other members may be released. The drama itself centers around the band's fictional backstory and focuses on bassist Zekusu. Each member voiced a character, they are: Roa Kenji, Horikawa Ryou (Daichi), HAKU, Zekusu, and Sakano Shigeru (Takami). This was released in two different CD only versions (Type A & Type B). Each type comes with a different B-side song.

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