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Let's Fly / It B1A4

Album Cover
Let's Fly / it B1A4
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. O.K
  2. Remember
  3. Waruikoto Bakari Manande (悪いことばかり学んで)
  4. Bling Girl
  5. Only One
  6. Beautiful Target
  7. MY LOVE
  8. Chu Chu Chu
  9. Wonderful Tonight
  10. Fooool
DVD Tracklist
  • Music Video
  1. O.K
  2. Waruikoto Bakari Manande (悪いことばかり学んで)
  3. Beautiful Target
  4. Beautiful Target -Zoom Zoom Version-
  • Photo Gallery
  1. LET'S FLY Original Booklet
  2. it B1A4 Original Booklet


Let's Fly / it B1A4 is B1A4's first Japanese album which compiles their first two Korean mini-albums into one release (except for the instrumental tracks). All the tracks are the original Korean songs, only being translated into Japanese "Motdoen Geotman Baewoseo" song title. The album reached #25 on Oricon charts, and charted for 4 weeks.

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