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Love Tambourines

Vocalist ELLIE

Love Tambourines (ラヴ・タンバリンズ) was a Japanese rock band with a heavy soul influence. The band made their debut in 1993 under the indie label CRU-EL RECORDS. The group gained popularity for their live shows, and even played a couple gigs in San Fransisco, California. Their lead singer ELLIE became the forefront of the group and in 1996 disbanded to follow a solo career releasing Bitch In Zion.


  • ELLIE (vocals and lyrics)
  • 斎藤圭市(guitar)
  • 大町博通(drums and keyboard)
  • Miyakawa Dan (宮川弾)(keyboard)
  • 平見文生(bass)
  • 平野栄二(percussions)





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