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Maeda Ken

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Maeda Ken

Maeda Ken is a Japanese comedian well-known for his monomane (mimicry). He also created the Maeken Trance Project, of which he is the leader of several ganguro and kogal, known as LOVE♡BOOM.


  • Name: Maeda Ken (前田健)
  • Nickname: Maeken (まえけん)
  • Birthdate: June 14th, 1971
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 174cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Bust: 100cm
  • Waist: 92cm
  • Hips: 102cm
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, surfing the internet, eating delicious things
  • Abilities: Dancing, imitation, English
  • Favorite foods: Deep-fried chicken, sushi, yakiniku, curry, bagels
  • Favorite things: Writing letters, hats, Walkman, perfume
  • Favorite colors: Light/dark blue (when wearing it), orange
  • Idol: Tezuka Osamu
  • Treasures: Friends, family
  • Strong Point: Good memory
  • Weak Point: Persistence


Ken came to America when he was 19 and lived in Manhattan for four years. Because of this, he is fluent in English. He studied music and dance at the Broadway Dance Center, and after going back to Japan in 1994 and began a one-man show named "Monomane Battle". He imitated a song by Watanabe Machiko perfectly, making the transition from male to female in his act flawlessly. Years later he began imitating Matsuura Aya.

In 2004 Ken became a regular on TV Asahi's Ganbai Gekijou (Sold-Out Theater) and later created Maeken Trance Project. The group's first single, Koi no Buchiage Tengoku was released in August 2005 and was a trance remake of the mega-hit Dragostea Din Tei by Romanian group O-Zone. It reached #12 on the Oricon and had an exceptionally long period of sales. It is rumored that Ken was influenced by Gorie, another popular crossdressing comedian.

With the release of his book "Maeda Ken no Koi Kyara Shindan" (Maeda Ken's Love Character Diagnosis) in November of that year, Ken came out as gay. This has not hindered his career, as he later became a voice actor for Digimon Savers and released a second single for Maeken Trance Project in August 2006.




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