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Magic Television

Album Cover
House Rulez
Magic Television
  1. Channel Guide
  2. Good Morning (feat. Kholo Masafu)
  3. Bomulseom (feat. Whale) (보물섬; Treasure Island)
  4. Surfing Wave
  5. My Fantastic Island (feat. evabossa)
  6. This Corea (feat. Dbstk Crzzy & Jelly.L)
  7. Michael VS Jackson (feat. Saph-Fire)
  8. Pako (feat. UV)
  9. Bomulseom (feat. Jason) (보물섬; Treasure Island)
  10. Pool Party 2010
  11. Nigapillyohae (feat. Chae Yeon) (니가필요해; I Need You)
  12. Ennes Episode (feat. Enne) (처음처럼; Like the First Time)
  13. My Daddy (feat. Annie)
  14. Dal (feat. Horan) (달; Moon)


Magic Television is House Rulez's third album. The songs "Bomulseom" (featuring Whale) and "Michael VS Jackson" were used as lead tracks.

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