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Map of the Human Soul

Album Cover
2005 Reissue Cover
2004 Reissue Cover
Epik High
Map of the Human Soul
2004.01.19 (reissue)
2005.10.25 (reissue)
  1. GO
  2. Pungpa (featuring Han Sang Won) (풍파; Hardships)
  3. I Remember (featuring Kensie)
  4. Haneulege Muleobwa (featuring Dynamic Duo) (하늘에게 물어봐; Ask The Sky)
  5. 10 Nyeon Dwie (Dear Me) (featuring Leeds) (10년 뒤에 (Dear Me); After 10 Years)
  6. Lesson One (Tablo's Word) (Tablo Solo)
  7. Geunyeoga Bulssanghae (featuring Lyn) (그녀가 불쌍해; I Feel Sorry For Her)
  8. Street Lovin' (featuring Joosuc)
  9. Love Song (featuring Bak Seon Ung Of Namgoong Yon Band)
  10. Godoghan Salang (Mithra's Word) (고독 恨 사랑 (Mithra's Word); Solitude, Grief, Love) (Mithra Jin Solo)
  11. Free Love
  12. Get High
  13. Yuseo (featuring TBNY) (유서; History)
  14. Mageulnaelimyeo (Dedication) (막을내리며 (Dedication); Lowering)
  15. Watch Ya Self (featuring Digili, Yankie, Double K) (Hidden Track)


Map of the Human Soul is the debut album released by Epik High. The songs "I Remember" and "Free Love" were used as the lead tracks. It was reissued in 2004 and then again in 2005 with the same tracklist but different color variations of the original cover.

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