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Memories (Yim Jae Beum)

Album Cover
Reissue Cover
Yim Jae Beum
Album / Tape
2003.04.02 (Reissue)
  1. Dasi Salanghal Suissneunde (다시 사랑할 수 있는데; I'm Able to Love Again)
  2. Neoleul Wihae (너를 위해; For You)
  3. Geudaeape Nan Chosbulieola (그대앞에 난 촛불이어라; I'm a Burning Candle Infront of You) (Sinawe)
  4. Neoui Gyeoteseo (너의 곁에서; By Your Side)
  5. Aleumdaun Ohae (아름다운 오해; Beautiful Mistake)
  6. Julie
  7. Choeseonui Gobaeg (최선의 고백; The Best Confessions)
  8. Bisang (비상; Emergency)
  9. The same old story
  10. Gohae (고해; Confession)
  11. Sajinsoge Damgin Chueog (사진속에 담긴 추억; Memories in Those Photos)
  12. Chulag (추락; Crash)
  13. Geoinui Jam (거인의 잠; The Sleep of a Giant)
  14. Sarangboda Gipeun Sangcheo (사랑보다 깊은 상처; A Wound Deeper Than Love)
  15. Reason's to one
  16. Ajigdo Salanghal Ppuninde (아직도 사랑할 뿐인데; I Still Do Love)
  17. Geudaeneun Eodie (그대는 어디에; Where Are You)
  18. Have I told you lately (Rod Steward Cover)
VCD Tracklist
  1. Bisang (비상) (Video)


MEMORIES is the second complication release by Yim Jae Beum. It contains one song when he was with Sinawe from their debut album and from his first four solo albums. It also contains a song he did for the album Rock In Korea I, a new song "Have i told you lately", and a music video for "Bisang". The album and tape were reissued in 2003. The original album contained only one disc and the reissued has the songs split up into two discs, with the same songs and tracklist as the original. Both versions come with a VCD disc with the same music video.

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