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Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven

Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven (南明奈のスーパーマイルドセブン) is a Japanese pop unit under the group Hexagon Family.



Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven formed on December 2008 after an audition that Minami Akina won as she would become the leader of a new Quiz! Hexagon II group. At that time, the group's primary feature was being a roller blade team. A month later, the group was officially named Minami Akina to Super Mild Seven as several auditions were held in order to find the other members. When auditions were over by April, the group added six new members and changed their name to Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven. The group finally released their first single, "I Believe ~Yume wo Kanaeru Mahou no Kotoba~ / Don't leave me", on June 2006 as a double A-side with another Hexagon Family group Satoda Mai with Goda Kazoku. The group went on to released their second single, entitled "Shiawase ni Narou / Koi", with Pabo nine months later.



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