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Hexagon Family

Hexagon Family (2010)

Hexagon Family (ヘキサゴンファミリー) is a collection of artists and groups who are regulars on the Fuji TV show Quiz! Hexagon II. The group is also called Hexagon All Stars (ヘキサゴンオールスターズ). It was formed after the success of the female group Pabo in 2007 and has created successful groups like Shuchishin. Due to their success, Hexagon Family has appeared on various prestigious music specials, like Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and have hosted various charity specials like the yearly 24 Jikan Terebi. Many of the regulars, often called "obaka talento", are in more then one group at the same time as members are not limited to one group.

Currently, Hexagon Family is under the label Pony Canyon. Since 2008, the group has put out an annual compilation album that features songs from current artists of that year. Also, they have held annual concerts that features various artists and have released concert DVDs.

Current Line-up

Former Members and Groups

- Kondouchi Takeshi (金剛地武志)
- Okada Keisuke (岡田圭右)





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