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Mona Lisa

Mini-Album Cover
Mona Lisa
  1. Ojos Frios (Bandoneon by. Goh Sang Ji) ( [es;]: Cold Eyes)
  2. Mona Lisa (모나리자)
  3. Moreugesseoyo (모르겠어요; I Don't Know)
  4. Almyeonseo Geurae (알면서 그래; You Knew)
  5. ONE
  6. Malhaji Malgeol.. (말하지 말걸..; I Shouldn't Speak...)


Mona Lisa is the first Korean mini-album released by MBLAQ. The cover art states that the release is their third mini-album, however this is because their first two singles (released as "1st" and "2nd single album") were counted as the first two mini-albums. The title track was used as lead track.

Each MBLAQ member portray a different iconic figure for the release of the album, these being:

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