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Moo Ga Dang

Moo Ga Dang (무가당, 舞歌黨) is a Korean hip-hop/dance group from the company YG Entertainment. The members are Song Baek Kyoung (from 1TYM), Lee Eun Ju (from Swi.T), Prhyme, and Kim Woo Geun (from Bounce).



Comprised of four familiar faces -- 1TYM member Song Baek Kyoung, former Swi.T member Lee Eun Ju, rapper and VJ Prhyme, and former Bounce member Kim Woo Geun -- Moo Ga Dang is the first mixed group from YG Entertainment.

With a fun hip-hop sound, the group debuted on August 12, 2006 on MBC's show Music Core singing the song No Seh Nol Ah Bo Seh.




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